Joel Wright Art is a self taught artist that began painting in 1990 at the age of 15 in Texarkana, Tx.


I am a oil painter of surrealism and abstraction and converge these expressive styles together as one.  My work is inspired by the old master oil painters and the contemporary painters alike.


More important that my style however is the reason I paint and the insights a receive from painting.  The reason I paint and the purpose of my artwork is a creative conduit.  Painting for me a connection to a higher consciousness and it expands my heart and mind.


I want myself and others to be awakened to the vast, inspired energy within.  Painting and the product of this auspicious action can lift us up and make life more fun and enjoyable.


To share the mystery, excitement and happiness of being able to imagine, invent and explore is what my artwork is about.  It is my pleasure to share this with you.


The result of this purpose and its fulfillment is living life at the highest plain of existence possible. Meaning without creating art, I wouldn't have had the self realization to overcome some of the attributes of my conditioning. 


My creative process and the energy I put into my art is peaceful even if the artwork is exciting.  The peaceful energy resonates from the artwork from then on.


When you buy one of my works you are supporting my vision and inviting peace presence into your life. 



Welcome to the Joel Wright Art Shop.  Thank you for visiting and finding out more about me. 



I ship securely, internationally.  Often I sell my artwork with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and many cryptocurrency options. 


I sell my own artwork at this time.  There may come a time I allow my artwork to be sold in galleries exclusively so you will want to take advantage of the online art shop now.  



Om mani padme hum